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My Approach

My approach focuses on the individual and their specific requirements. It is a sensitive but highly affective approach, formed through years of experience, which enables me to know how to offer the best support and when it is appropriate to encourage the client to overcome their perceived limitations.

When working with a new client, I first make a thorough assessment of the affects of the brain injury so that we get a realistic understanding of the starting point.

Then I work with them to identify their individual goals: Everyone is different. Perhaps they wish to return to a previous career, or change their role in the home? Maybe they are unsure and need support to explore entirely new possibilities? This stage is critical in motivating and focussing the individual, whilst ensuring goals are realistic and achievable.

Together we set about relearning cognitive and physical skills and devise strategies to compensate for deficits, in order to realise these goals. Where appropriate I also investigate and report on additional specialist services and equipment that may be necessary. My in-depth knowledge of working practices of other disciplines means I am able to recommend other professionals and work effectively in multidisciplinary teams as required.

I also use my expertise and experience to train support worker teams in the consequences and treatment approaches in brain injury rehabilitation.